Patrick H. Davis, MSW is a retired Human Resources Executive Recruiter. He worked in the field of human services for over 20 years in both clinical settings and later in his own human resources, executive recruitment practice. As President of Global Recruitment Services, Inc.,  Mr. Davis consulted with Fortune 1000 companies, including American Electric Power Company, Inc., General Electric, Dow Chemical, Shell Oil and Gas, Calpine Corporation and Edison International.

During retirement he began creating a unique curriculum that examines the historically unique and epic life transitions of Baby Boomers. Today, he writes and lectures on the need for essential life skills in the 21st century for adults and brings extensive practical experience to the understanding of late-life adult transitions and the change process. Through a collection of lectures, trainings, and short courses, his teaching and research focuses on the remarkable influence the Baby Boomer generation has on America today and will continue to have for the next 30 years in terms of the social, political, cultural, and economic realities of the nation. 


Mr. Davis is the Director and Founder of the Institute for Applied Critical Thinking, an educational organization helping adults learn to think more critically about the events that influence their lives.  


Mr. Davis possesses a B.A. in Psychology/Social Psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno, and holds a Masters in Social Work from Portland State University.  He recently conducted lectures at San Diego State University on late-life adult transitions.

Rosa has developed worldwide educational consulting experience With over twenty-two years’ experience in international, educational and management consulting practice.